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Our Legacy of Community



Beyond attending to the legal needs of the citizens of Macon County and Western North Carolina, our attorneys and staff have provided assistance to governmental agencies, local organizations, and businesses.  We are proud to have we have helped to shape the future of our region.  Along with deep sense of heritage and philanthropic service to our community, commitment to honor and excellence set us apart from others in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.


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During the summer of 1922, a young Franklin, North Carolina attorney, Gilmer A. Jones, had the idea of organizing a building and loan association. It was to have a long-term impact on the progress in Macon County. He recognized an urgent need for an institution offering citizens an opportunity to become homeowners, and a depository that would pay a good rate of interest on individual savings in Macon County. The Franklin Press dated August 25, 1922, stated: “An organization that is destined to do more for the upbuilding of our town than anything that has ever been attempted here was formed last Saturday night.” Mr. Jones’ idea became reality on October 6, 1922, when the Macon County Building and Loan Association opened its office upstairs above the Bank of Franklin Building.  Since its inception, the "Building and Loan Association" has changed into Macon Savings Bank, Macon Bank, and finally Entegra Bank, before in 2020 becoming an integral part of the holdings of First Citizens Bank.


Service in the community
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