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The Jones Family has served the legal needs of Macon County and Western North Carolina for four consecutive generations, beginning in 1878 and continuing through today.  By providing assistance to individual clients, governmental agencies, local organizations, and businesses, we have helped to shape the future of our region.  Along with sense of heritage and philanthropic service to our community, commitment to honor and excellence set us apart from others in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.


George Andrew Jones commenced the practice of law in Franklin, Macon County, North Carolina, in the year 1878.  He was thereafter associated with, or followed in the practice by three of his sons, his grandson and in the year 1992, by his great-grandson.  The law firm founded by Judge Jones has been continuous in its service to the western part of North Carolina for more than 138 years and has expanded in number, in order to create a full service, general practice firm.  The Partners and Associates participate in professional, governmental, political, and community affairs and actively provide leadership in all such areas.

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